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Carbon Footprint

A simple way to have a huge impact on the environment is through EAS Digital reducing your paper consumption, by turning paper technical records into electronic ones and eliminating paper. A tree can only produce, on average, 17 reams of paper, and takes about 100 years to grow. By reducing paper usage, companies can have a direct impact on reducing their carbon footprint.

After all, more than 50% of paper comes from virgin forests.

Going paperless helps to reduce C02 (carbon dioxide) emissions. Turning a single tree into 17 reams of paper results in around 110 lbs of C02 being released into the atmosphere.

Additionally, trees are also ‘carbon sinks’ and every tree that is not cut down for paper usage is able to absorb C02 gasses. The average tree can absorb around a ton- 2,000 lbs- of C02 in its lifetime.

Calculate how many trees, paper & $'s your airline could save per year.

If your airline switched to electronic engineering documents:

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$'s saved per year:
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(Calculated based on the average amount of sheets from 1 tree with an average of 3 pages per document sent)